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Welcome to Durot Private School

Believe and Acheive

A School for Achievers

We develop our children to be confident, articulate and well behaved.

An All Inclusive School

We value every child and provide the opportunities for each child to maximise their potentials.

Beyond Academic Activities

At Durot Private School your child initiates her own learning through teacher guided programmes during circle time and other normal classroom activities.

A Solid Educational Foundation

We provide a solid educational foundation in a stimulating learning environment through which talents are discovered and harnessed.

Welcome to Durot Private School

Welcome to our school where educational and social development go hand in hand. Our tailored focus on academics and the whole child means that every child will find a happy home here.

We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum to explore knowledge, nourish creativity and encourage independence. Learning is fun here, which develops confidence and a lifelong thirst for knowledge. Sporting and musical achievement is celebrated with our wealth of activities for all ages both within the curriculum and in after school time.

We value every child and encourage them to fulfil their potentials whatever their capability. We are particularly proud of the work we do with children of different educational needs. For those children whom we have identified as gifted and talented, we feature them in peer to peer learning activities run by the school. We emphasise good manners and our children have a reputation for being confident, articulate and well behaved.

More importantly, we have well trained and highly motivated teachers.

We welcome your child to join us at Durot Private School for an enriching and enjoyable learning.


Our creche class is for babies between 9 months and 1½ years. Our environment is hygienic, safe, simulating and secure. Your child will feel at home.


Our nursery education which is Montessori based is geared towards independent learning through exploration of their immediate environment.


Our elementary classes focus on developing appropriate behavioural skills at individual and group level that would enhance self-esteem and a positive attitude.

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Enrol Your Child Today

We welcome your child to join us for an enriching and enjoyable learning.




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What Our Parent Say…

‘Fantastic school content! Super happy with teachers! I appreciate the effort the school is putting in to build the children in all areas’.

Femi Ogunsola

Durot Private School has got a great vision and it’s quite obvious from the attitude of the teachers and pupils. I’m so glad to have my two kids here. Mrs Tokode

“Our son is doing great academically. The teaching environment is serene and the teachers are organised and understands the individual pupils in the class. Job well done by the school.” Mrs Sanni

About Durot School

Durot Private School opened it’s door for the first time on the 17th September, 2012. A total number of 26 pupils were enrolled and a team of carefully selected teachers came on board. The school has since grown in leaps and bounds.The mission of the school from inception has been to provide a solid educational foundation in a stimulating learning environment through which talents are discovered and harnessed.

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