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Durot School Academics

Our curriculum is a well-structured learning programme.


Our curriculum is a well-structured learning programme constitutes of the Nigerian and British ideologies, it is also based on Montessori principles and applications. The five Montessori curricula at the school cover the following areas:

Practical Life: Exercises, which include care of self, care of the environment, pouring, sporting, transferring, sweeping, opening and closing of jar. This is to develop In kids the five Moto skills as well as social competence.

Sensorial Education: Helps in fine-tuning the use of their sensory organs (hearing, sight, touch,taste) pupils are taught identification of shapes ,colours e.t.c

Mathematics: The child is assisted to work with materials such as number rods, spindle, boxes, golden beads and more. Such materials assist them to compute simple addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of numbers.

Language: Basic skills I writing and reading are nurtured through the use of sand paper, large moveable alphabets, and children develop writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills through the pink blue and green series.

Cultural Subject: Children are introduced to interesting topics in science, music and arts.

This results in their ability to interact meaningfully with their immediate environment.

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